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Find out if you qualify by filling out the estimate request form above to receive your free estimate today! You can also contact our Pension Program Administrator at (800) 586-1325 for a friendly discussion on the options that are available to you.

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You are about to make an important decision—exchange a portion of your pension payments for lump-sum cash to do something that’s even more important to you. We will work hard to qualify you and give you a quick response.

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Often the transaction goes smoothly, and you can be funded in as little as two weeks and, typically, not more than six weeks. If, for any reason, there are snags in the information you supply us, we’ll do everything in our power to ease the way forward.

Welcome to Pension Funding, LLC

Have you ever been short on cash and wished you could tap into your future retirement pension for funding? If you have a pension, but you need a pension lump sum right away, look to Pension Funding LLC.

Pension Funding LLC is the go-to source for pension buyouts—sometimes referred to as pension advances—where qualified retirees sell a specific portion of their pension funding in exchange for pension lump sum cash to cover an unexpected life event, or even finance a life opportunity.

Through a type of money purchase pension plan, Pension Funding LLC transacts a pension buyout and advances you the cash when needed. This pension buyout is not a pension loan; it is a pension lump sum that you can put to work without delay, in as little as three to six weeks.

But what makes Pension Funding LLC truly unique in the pension buyout marketplace? Nowhere else can you leverage your military pension, teacher pension, state pension, police pension, or corporate pension to secure near-immediate cash. Not at a bank. Banks don’t recognize pensions as collateral. Not on a credit card. High interest rates make cash advances too expensive. You can sell 8 years of your future pension stream. At the end of the term, your full pension payments resume back to you. And we don’t require any life insurance or report this as a debt to the credit reporting agency. That is our very big advantage.

You’ve worked hard all your life. Now, it’s time your accomplishments work smart for you.
Pension Funding LLC leads the market in helping pension recipients convert future payments into working cash.


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"While some financial companies chip away at the American dream, Pension Funding LLC actually provides services to pensioners, like me. It helped me to cash out some of my pension so that I could finally buy a home in early 2001."
Gerald L.C
Modesto, CA
"Your company did a very professional job of funding my pension. . .excellent attention to detail, rapid and effective communication throughout the process. I retired early to have a second career in management consulting. Your service helped to offset disappointing investment returns."
Ralph S.
San Diego, CA
"I had too much credit card debt. Process was simple. I applied online, and within a few weeks I was able to pay off debt . . .very happy with Pension Funding LLC service."
Michael E. G.
Pittsburgh, PA
"Simply put, I rest easy when my clients are in Pension Findings' hands. I have only encountered integrity and fast response with the folks at Pension Funding LLC. I've been working with Pension Funding for about 10 years and over that time they have handled hundreds of my clients in a professional and courtoeus manner. Frankly, I don't know what else I could ask of them."
Fred C.
Diversified Discount
"I would encourage anyone to seek out Pension Funding LLC, review their services, and enjoy the immediate freedom from debts or financial obligations."
Dale T.
M Sgt (Retired)
"Pension Funding LLC has been fair and straightforward in their services – no hidden costs, no surprises. I definitely recommend then to anyone who needs a lump sum of get their finances back on an even keel."
Susan R.
LaPorte, IN
"My experience with [Pension Funding] was extremely professional and resourceful . . .it is a legitimate alternative to traditional lending institutions."
Wallace J. B.
Irvine, CA

How long after I apply can I receive funds?

You can receive your funds in as little as 3 to 6 weeks. Pension Funding LLC does not require life insurance be obtained for a pension buyout of up to 8 years.

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