About Pension Funding

In the United States, there are six million retired civil servants who receive an average benefit of $17,640 a year.1 About 11 million private sector retirees earn pensions at $7,500 a year. 1  These benefits are essential but don’t cushion retirees for bumps later in life. Nor do they provide cash to buy a home. Buy a business. Cruise the Mediterranean.

When Pension Funding LLC Management began to contemplate the 20 – 30 years the average person is expected to live after “retirement”, an idea came to them. We’re all in the age of un-retirement.

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And we need money to do what we need to do. Some people run short but need to settle a divorce, get out of debt or fight an illness. Others are fortunate and want extra cash to tackle new dreams.

Following the old adage, find a need and fill it, Pension Funding LLC was born. Since 1996, we have made it possible for thousands of retirees from military, government, and corporate environments to access future pension payments and obtain much-needed cash.

We’re proud of what we do. We make a real difference in the lives of so many good people who’ve worked hard their entire lives. With our expertise we will transform their pensions into a real-time working asset.

Pension Funding LLC is well supported by a professional, tightly knit team that is highly engaged in client results. With a dedicated pension program administrator, contracts manager, underwriting expert and administrative staff, Pension Funding LLC quickly and efficiently handles your application, estimate and pension advance.

1[Congressional Research Service] 2007