Can I Cash In My Pension Early?

With Pension Funding LLC, you can get cash for pensions if you are currently receiving pension payments. Retirement funds are similar to money purchase pension plans, and with a money purchase pension, you get cash from pension payments by agreeing to sell a portion of your future pension payment (up to a maximum of 8 years) to us. Upon completion of the term or length of the buyout, your pension payments resume back to you.  To qualify, you need to meet some basic criteria:

Can I Cash In My Pension Early?Non-military retiree must be receiving a pension. No age restrictions

  • Military retiree must be receiving a pension for at least six months
  • Advantage to own a home, but not required
  • Stable renters often qualify
  • Demonstrate a solid credit history
  • Chapter 13 is acceptable, if currently discharged
  • Chapter 7 is acceptable, if discharged for at least two years

Cashing out future pension payments for a limited time is an efficient way to take advantage of key opportunities early in your retirement. Sometimes you need to get out from under debt, fund a business or help grandchildren (or your own children) with college tuition.  You may even have found new employment but need the advance (buyout).

As the funding source, Pension Funding LLC commits the value of our time and finances to you. Pension Funding LLC has carefully worked through the right formulas for a win-win transaction. Early repayment is typically not an option, although exceptions may be considered.