Military Pension Buy Out

Get Cash Support Now with a Military Pension Buy Out
Pension Funding LLC offers a unique cash advance service for retired service men and women with an monthly pension. You could put money in your checking account now instead of five years from now!

We do a military pension buy out by purchasing an eight-year portion of your pension that you sell to us for a cash advance. You can take this military pension loan (actually an advance, not a loan) and apply it directly to credit card debt, medical bills, or to cover the expense of an unwelcomed divorce or medical situation.

Ask yourself: What’s the value of something now compared to later? Unless it’s family heirloom, the value will be less. But we can advance you cash against your future pension payments. The cost to you for this military pension payment buyout is as little as 13 percent, which is less than most of today’s credit card interest rates. What’s more, we do not profit from―or even breakeven―on this long-term investment for nearly five years.

There is a minimum on military pension loans or, more accurately, military pension payment buy outs (not loans but advances) of $500.00 per month to you or $6,000 a year for the military pension payment purchase. But there’s no maximum. We can make military pension payment purchases on your entire pension (up to eight years) if you choose.

You’ve put your life on the line for Americans to protect our way of life. You deserve to do something important for yourself. Start a business. Cut debts. Travel for pleasure.
Let us earn your trust. Military pension payment purchasing is our specialty, and we’ve helped hundreds of service men and women, just like you, to turn their pension into a real-time benefit.