Money Purchase Pension Plan

Have you been looking into your money purchase pension plan? If a pension buyout that works like an advance (not a loan) is what you need, you can obtain your hard-earned pension funds through Pension Funding LLC.

To participate in our money purchase pension plan, you don’t have to purchase life insurance, nor wait several weeks for life insurance to be approved. You can get your pension funds almost immediately after you qualify. That’s why so many Pension Funding LLC clients look to us as the leader in the money purchase pension plan industry.

If you hold a pension from a state, city, or federal government, as a military veteran, as a policeman, a firefighter, a teacher, a civil servant, or through a corporation, Pension Funding LLC is here to help. Our money purchase plans are simple, for our pension buyouts only take 8 years of your pension funds, after which your full pension payments resume back to you.  Later, if you need cash again through a money purchase pension plan, you may look to Pension Funding LLC for an additional pension buyout.

How may we customize a money purchase pension plan program for you?

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