Retired Military Financial Services

Retired service men and women receiving a month or annual pension payment, qualify for a unique cash advance program designed for retired military personnel. The program purchases 8 years of your monthly or annual military pension payment and pays a lump sum in exchange for those 8 years. The military pensioner decides whether or not they want to sell either all or a portion of their monthly or annual pension payments.
Pension Funding LLC’s Advanced Pension Payment Program makes a lot of sense for service men and women transitioning from active duty to occupations outside the military. These services are great for helping families cover a down payment, education, medical bills, debt, or even the unwelcome divorce.

For qualified retired military personnel looking to improve their situation, this is Not a Loan. The structure of this program provides lump sum cash, in exchange for their monthly or annual military pension payment.

The smart investor knows about the cost of money. Money in today’s market is worth more than tomorrow’s market, with factors like interest and inflation, eroding the value of money. Many retired individuals take out loans at high interest rates in order to start a business, buy a home, or complete other going-forward choices. The cost to you for this pension buyout can be as little as 13 percent, which is less than most of today’s credit card interest rates.

Minimums do exist on this military pension payment buy out. You must be receiving and/or drawing at least $500.00 per month or $6,000.00 per year from your military pension payment to qualify. There is no maximum and Pension Funding LLC can buy out your entire monthly or annual pension for 8 years.

Pension Funding LLC can purchase Regular Military, Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC), & Concurrent Retirement & Disability Pay (CRDP) Pension Payments. These retired financial military services are targeted toward the men and women of the armed services to provide a vehicle for them to get ahead in rewarding new careers, a better quality of life, or simply taking some long-deserved vacation.
Pension Funding LLC honors the service you have provided and wants to earn your trust. We specialize in pension payment purchasing and help hundreds of retired military men and women successfully fulfill their dreams.