Retirement Pension

Did you know that you can have access to an advance from your retirement pension even if you take another job after retiring from the military or other public service? With the help of Pension Funding LLC, you may qualify for a pension lump sum of cash through our pension buyout program.

Since 1996, Pension Funding LLC has made it possible for thousands of retirees from military, government, and corporate environments to access future retirement pension payments and obtain much-needed cash through pension buyouts. This is done by letting you take your retirement pension and selling just a portion of it (up to 8 years) to obtain a pension lump sum. You can use the pension buyout as you like, such as to pay down other high interest debt or credit card debt.

Unlike other pension lump sum programs, Pension Funding LLC does not require you to purchase life insurance, has a quick qualification process, and helps you get your pension lump sum quickly. We make it easy so you can better handle the expenses of life.

How may we customize a retirement pension funds program for you?

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