Teacher Pension Buy Out

Get Cash Support Now with a Teacher’s Pension Buy Out

As a teacher you’ve worked hard serving others, and you deserve the opportunities and comfort your future pension can provide. Yet sometimes an opportunity arises—or perhaps a family or health emergency—that calls for immediate cash you just don’t have. Or do you? Maybe it’s time to learn about an option for teachers: pension buy out from Pension Funding LLC.

Pension Fund LLC buy out is not the same as a teacher pension loan and is not like using the cash advance feature available through credit cards with astronomical interest rates. In fact, through Pension Funding LLC you can often get that much-needed cash at interest rates as half-again lower than those charged by major credit cards.

Retired Teacher Pension sales
Nor is the process akin to getting a second mortgage or home equity loan, both of which are increasingly difficult and time-consuming these days. Qualifying for Pension Funding’s purchase pension program may be far easier than you think. Indeed, Pension Funding is often able to get a lump sum to you in as little as three weeks.

Deciding to convert a portion of your future pension payments does call for serious thought. But second career opportunities and life emergencies are equally compelling and deserving of consideration. As you decide whether a pension buy out is right for you, read through our basic information FAQs, and then contact us for a personalized consultation to help you make this important decision.

Pension Funding LLC is committed to working with teachers like you, purchasing pension payments already due to you in the future, and converting them to immediate capital when hard working teachers like you need it most.